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IAS officer finds employee in joggers, issues orders against casual dressing in office

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB), Yashpal Garg, has issued a stern communique to all officials, urging them to refrain from wearing “fancy/casual attire” while attending office.

The decision came after CEO Yashpal Garg saw an official showing for duty in jogging trousers and a round neck multi-coloured t-shirt on Wednesday. Appalled at the sight, Garg promptly issued an order addressing the matter.

“No one could have made out that he was an official of CHB. On many other occasions, it has been observed that some of the officials (including contract/out-sourced) are attending office in highly casual/fancy attire, and such instances are increasing day by day,” said CEO Yashpal Garg in his orders.

Garg said the casually attired officials fail to inspire confidence among the visiting public, and make them feel that they are not dealing with responsible officers of the Chandigarh Housing Board. Concerned about the negative impact this could have on the organisation’s reputation, he called on all officers and officials to avoid such casual/fancy attire during working days.

“It sends a wrong message about the organisation,” Garg added, stressing the importance of maintaining a professional image.

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